American Indian Family and Children Services

Welcome to American Indian Family and Children Services

** About Us **

** Mission **

 AIFACS is an organization that places American Indian foster children in culturally specific foster homes.  Since 1985 we have recruited, licensed, trained, supervised and supported American Indian foster homes within the whole state of Minnesota.  

** Voice **

 AIFACS believes in the right of American Indian Children to grow up among their own people.  We have a responsibility as a nation to take care of our children.  As an organization and community supporter, we strive to find temporary homes for Indian children.  

** Spirit **

 The very essence of AIFACS lies in our preservation of heritage, community and spirit.    

We are members of: * The National Indian Child Welfare Assoc. * The Minnesota Foster Care Association * The National Foster Care Association * YIPA * Minnesota Council of Non-Profit

** Why Choose AIFACS **

AIFACS is more than a foster care organization.  You will be guided through the foster care process with knowledgable staff who are there to help you.  AIFACS is a family, when you become part of that family you will always have someone looking out for everyone's best interests.

 AIFACS licenses the following homes:
* Child Foster Homes - give children a home in a family setting
* Respite Homes - give children and foster parent(s) a few days of rest 

 AIFACS foster parents receive:
* Annual Training Allowance
* Monthly Training
* Monthly Respite
* Retirement (optional)