SUID/AHT Training


Watch all the SUID and AHT videos.  

You can find all the videos on the MN DHS website by following this link: SUID and AHT videos.  

Otherwise, click on each link below to bring you to each video.

There are 3 SUID Videos:

1. Safe Sleep (4:17)

2. Safe Sleep Practices (5:50)

3. Sleep on it - Preventing Unsafe Sleep Practices (6:28)

There are 3 AHT Videos:

1. Never Shake/Safe Sleep for your baby (7:48)

2. The Doctors (1:48)

3. Forever Shaken (33:17)

After the videos, fill in the training report form below: 

SUID and AHT training report form.  

You are responsible for mailing, scanning or faxing  your completed quiz to your licensor in order to receive credit for 2 hrs of training.